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First Grade

“It is not for us to destroy what God has given us. Please, please let your mind and your will become the mind and the will of God. You have the power to bring war into the world or to build peace. Please choose the way of peace.” - St. Teresa of Calcutta

Week: 5/7/18 – 5/11/18


  • Stations of the Light – Continuing to learn about the times of Jesus’ life following the resurrection
  • Liturgical Calendar focus: Jesus’s Ascension into Heaven
  • Guardian Angels


  • Spelling words: unhappy, refill, untie, undo, repay, unkind, undress, retell, reopen, rewind
  • Sight words: different, carry
  • Prefixes: un- and re-
  • Genre focus: autobiography
  • Writing practice: continue writing our own autobiography
  • Grammar focus: Prepositional Phrases
  • Building fluency
  • Ongoing vocabulary and handwriting practice


  • Keyboarding
  • Typing practice – Intermediate Wrap-Up
  • Weekly use of IXL and iStation


  • Module 19:
    • 19.6 – Making Tally Charts
    • 19.7 – Problem Solving – Represent Data
    • Module 19 review
    • Module 19 Test


  • Focus on Unit 4: Forces of Energy
    • Unit Inquiry: How can we move a ball?
  • How do we use energy?

Social Studies:

  • Money and Trade
    • What is trade?
    • What were the first types of money?
    • What is bartering?
    • What is saving?
    • What does it mean to save for a rainy day?

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