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~ A Word from Mrs. Martin ~


This Week's Content



Introduce the seven sacraments:Baptism: Christ through the acts of the priest, removed original sin from me and made me a member of the ChurchSymbols: candle-faith, Water - grace; Reconciliation; In the name of Jesus, the priest forgives my sins and also gives me a penance;Symbols: cross; the love with which Jesus died to save us from our sins; Eucharist; Jesus comes to me in a very special way;Symbols:  fish   Jesus Christ (the very first Christians used this symbol), Bread   the Eucharist; Confirmation: I will be sealed and strengthen in the Holy Spirit; Symbols; dove – Holy Spirit,  Flame – the seven main gifts of the Holy Spirit                          


Identify picture names with initial qu; associate letter and sound for initial qu; write Qu qu; Review initial v, y, z, qu; Identify picture names with final x; associate letter and sound for final x; write Xx; Identify picture names with final v and x; associate letter and sound for final v and x;


Oral vocabulary rescue, pilot, yacht, sailor, mechanic and shimmering; identify words with final /ks/; blend and read words with /ks/; read high frequency words, yellow, blue and green; decode and read words in context and isolation;  identify and describe cause and effect; review question marks and capital letters in sentences;practice question marks and uppercase letters; identify the moral or lesson in a fable;


Write sentences: emphasis on starting a sentence with an uppercase letter, space in between words and ending a sentence with puctuation.


Sort, classify, and identify cylinders; Sort, classify, and identify cones; Sort, classify, and identify spheres; sort, classify, and identify cubesvocabulary: three-dimensional shape, curved surface, flat surface, cylinder;  cone,


Identify and describe weather conditions; observe and determine the effects of weather on human activities; observe and describe day-to-day weather changes;

Social Studies

  Students will understand the differences between goods and services. They will discuss needs and wants and the way people get things they need and want.



Library books are due on Tuesday morning

Students bringing lunch, please back a napkin and utensils 

Please label all uniform sweaters and jackets with your child's name



Monday: Jack

Tuesday: Francesco

Wednesday: Dawson

Thursday: Alex

Friday: Shea


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