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~ A Word from Mrs. Martin ~


This Week's Content



 Lent is a special season for thinking about Jesus' sacrifice on the cross; Jesus prayed and fasted in the desert for 40 days; lent lasts 40 days; we pray in a special way during Lent; we go without things we enjoy during Lent; we help the needy during Lent; Jesus gave us the Eucharist at the Last Supper; He changes bread and wine into His Body and Blood; Jesus is present in the Eucharist; Jesus is still with us;


Oral vocabulary trailers, cabs, haul, steering wheel, truckers and headlights; learn initial and medial short u; blend and read words with short u; read high frequency words, what, said and was; decode and read words in context and isolation; identify and use prepositions; read high frequency words  and decodable words; recognize signs;



 write sentences: start with uppercase letter - end with punctuation


Find two-dimensional shapes on a three-dimensional shape; Solve a problem by drawing a picture; Compare the lengths of two objects; Compare the heights of two objects;


review unit 7

Social Studies:

 Students will discuss the individual rights and responsibilities they have as part of their family, school and community.  They will demonstrate the characteristics of a good citizen.



Library books are due every Tuesday.

Resting towels will be sent home each Friday.


Parent Resources

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