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~ A Word from Mrs. Martin ~


This Week's Content



Learning Goals:  God calls us to love Him above all; God calls us to love each other; God intentionally and deliberately created each one of us; human life is precious; God made us to be with Him

vocabulary: Gospel


Oral vocabulary scooping, swooshing, squelching, gobbling, spinning, and rumbling; learn initial and final /t/; blend and read words with initial /t/; read high frequency words a and to; classify and categorize; identify and use nouns for places and things; confirm prediction; recognize a folktale; identify the theme of a folk tale; classify and categorize elements of a story;


Listen to and sing a song; identify rhyming words; Listen to and discuss a folktale; classify objects; Listen to and sing a song; match capital letters; Listen to and recite a nursery rhyme; trace triangles;


trace and write upper and lowercase Hh and numbers 5 - 8


Model and count 9 and 10; Model different ways to make 9 and 10; write 9 and 10

Vocabulary: nine, ten


 Identify the steps in a design process; vocabulary- problem, design and solve

Social Studies:

bake apple pies




Library books are due every Tuesday.

Resting towels will be sent home each Friday.


Parent Resources

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Kindergarten Cookbook

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