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~ A Word from Mrs. Martin ~


This Week's Content



To help the children appreciate the families God has given them; introduce the Holy family; appreciate that families take care of them and give them God’s love; state how Jesus healed sick people and fed poor people during his earthly life; realize that they can thank their families for loving them; 


Oral vocabulary sleep, winter, cave, woods, storm and blustery; identify words with initial and final  /k/; blend and read words with /k/;  learn high frequency words we, my and like; decode and read words in context and isolation; identify and distinguish realism and fantasy; identify and use adjectives for sizes;  blend sounds to make words;  practice adjectives for numbers; blend and segment words; 


 trace and print Jj, Kk and Ll; Match capital and lower-case partner letters Ii, Jj, Kk, and Ll; identify capital  letters E - L


Trace and print the uppercase and lowercase Oo and Pp


Using the strategy make a model, compare numbers to 10; Use objects to show 11 and 12 as ten and some more; Count and write 11 and 12 with words and numbers;vocabulary words: eleven and twelve; 



Social Studies

  Students will understand how to use and create a timeline using words and phrases related to time.



Library books are due on Tuesday morning

Students bringing lunch, please back a napkin and utensils 

Please label all uniform sweaters and jackets with your child's name



Monday: Franky

Tuesday: Shea

Wednesday: Mrs. Martin

Thursday:  Mrs. Martin

Friday:  Mrs. Martin


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