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~ A Word from Mrs. Martin ~


This Week's Content



  Jesus performed miracles, his first miracle was at the  marriage at Cana; Jesus is in every marriage; marriage makes a man and a woman a husband and wife; a husband and wife are a family;  Jesus had followers; Jesus' followers are called disciples; we are Jesus' disciples; if we follow Him, He will lead us to heaven.  vocabulary word: disciples


Oral vocabulary world, lonely, trip, horizon, journey and homesick; identify words with initial  and final /h/;  blend and read words with initial /h/; learn high frequency words are, that and do; identify sequence; identify and use naming parts of a sentence; decode and read words in context and isolation; spell words;


 review initial m, d, f, g, b, t; Review final m, d, f, g, b, and t; Identify picture names with initial and final m, d, f, g, b, t; associate letter and sound for initial and final m, d, f, g, b, t; Identify picture names with initial s; associate letter and sound for initial s; write Ss;


 write the seasons of the Liturgical Year;  draw a picture of your friend; write about why you like your friend; Draw a picture of your family; describe your family


how to show one more and one less; how and write addition sentences for sums to 10; write addition sentences for doubles


review material from unit 5

Social Studies:

Students will understand that maps and globes help locate places and will differentiate between land and water features.



Library books are due every Tuesday.

Resting towels will be sent home each Friday.


Parent Resources

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