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~ A Word from Mrs. Martin ~


This Week's Content



To help the children understand that Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus; deepen their appreciation for the feast of Christmas;

Jesse Tree: Samson, Ruth, Jesse, David, Solomon, Elijah, Isaiah, Daniel Jonah, Zechariah and Elizabeth



  Identify picture names with initial d and f; associate letter and sound for initial d and f; write Dd and Ff; Review initial m, d, f,; dentify picture names with final m, d, f; associate letter and sound for final m, d, f;


trace and print x, Yy, and Z


Compose 10; how to put together numbers to make 10; Decomposing  6-10; how do you take away numbers from 6-10; Problem solving; how can you solve problems using a picture;


Observe and describe how magnets react to objects made of iron and steel; sort objects according to whether or not a magnet attracts them; observe that magnets can cause some objects to move without touching them.

Social Studies

 Students will learn about different types of weather and some effects it has on people and the environment.



Library books are due on Tuesday morning

Students bringing lunch, please back a napkin and utensils 

Please label all uniform sweaters and jackets with your child's name



Monday: Mason

Tuesday: Jack

Wednesday: Audrie

Thursday: Elleigh



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