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~ A Word from Mrs. Martin ~


This Week's Content



To help the children learn that the sun, moon, stars, clouds, day, and night are gifts of God’s love; express their wonder and awe at the gifts of God’s creation;  become more aware of God’s gifts of daytime and nighttime


share information and ideas about the concept; introduce rhyming words; identify upper and lowercase Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd and Ee; write Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd and Ee; learn high frequency words I and am; decode and read words in context and isolation; identify and describe characters;  oral vocabulary; first/second, third/fourth, fifth/sixth;; produce rhyming words; recognize rhyming words; Make rhyming words; read words in context and isolation; retell a story; predict; confirm prediction; make predictions based on illustration; develop comprehension skills; practice following directions; face speaker when listening; ask questions to clarify information; recognize a myth;


Listen to and discuss a folktale; recall details; Listen to and recite a nursery rhyme; recognize gross similarities; develop left-to-right progression;


 Trace the slant-right lines. Trace the slant-left lines. Trace backward circles. Trace forward circles. Trace and write the uppercase A. Trace and write the lowercase a.


 Show and count 1 - 4; write 1 - 4;  vocabulary, one, two, three, four, match and set  


Identify and describe the five senses; use the five senses to observe and learn about the world; identify the sensory organ associated with each sense; observe many properties of one thing.

Social Studies

Students will view and discuss the American Flag, the Pledge of Allegiance and the Pledge to the Texas Flag. They will discuss friendship and understand that teachers help them learn



                                                                                                             Monday: Abi  

                                                                                                             Tuesday: Jacob

                                                                                                            Wednesday:  Lina

                                                                                                            Thursday: Audrie

                                                                                                          Friday: Elleigh