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~ A Word from Mrs. Martin ~


This Week's Content



station of Resurrection: 11 Jesus Commisions the Disciples on the Mountain and 12 Jesus Ascends into Heaven; help the children discover that Mary is Jesus' mother and learn about he Holy Family; To help the children discover that life changes; understand that  life changes, they can respond with loving care; 


review initial and final constants; review short vowels; review blending consonant sounds with medial short vowels; review application of medial short vowels to decode words in sentences; identify picture names with long a (cvce) and (ai); Associate letter and sound for long a spelled cvce and ai; blend consonant sounds with long a spelled cvce and ai to decode words; apply long a to decode words in sentences;  identify picture names with long i (cvce); associate letter and sound for long i spelled cvce; blend consonant sounds with long i spelled cvce;


Oral vocabulary: gathered, distant, drifting, voyage, island and aboard;  initial and medial short u; high frequency words, for, my, of we, and yellow; review plot; blend u words; read high frequency words and decodable words; 


Write sentences: emphasis on starting a sentence with an uppercase letter, space in between words and ending a sentence with puctuation.


  practice subtraction


 Recognize that stems, roots, leaves, flowers, fruits, and  seeds are part of plants; observe and identify the parts of a plant; describe how plant parts help a plant live;

Social Studies

 science: describe the sequence of stages in a plant's life cycle; observe stages that are part of he life cycle of a plant: seed seedling, plant, flower, and fruit; identify ways that  young plants resemble their parent plants;


Library books are due on Tuesday morning

Students bringing lunch, please back a napkin and utensils 

Please label all uniform sweaters and jackets with your child's name



Monday: Maggie birthday

Tuesday: Alex birthday

Wednesday: Lili birthday

Thursday: Lila birthday

Friday: Sara


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