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Reminder! Practice sessions for all events (except for Ready Writing Grades 6 to 8 - their practices will be held during class time) will be from dismissal until 4:30pm. Students may bring a small non-messy snack to eat after school if they wish to do so. At 4:30, students will be sent to sports, After School Care, or may be picked up at the front of the school, whichever is appropriate for your child.  ~ Mrs. Irvin 


PSIA is the Private School Interscholastic Association. It sponsors district and state academic objective and subjective event competitions which are run and staffed by parent volunteers.  The district and state events follow strict rules for participation and competition.  Individual schools organize their own PSIA programs in whatever way the school feels best prepares their students for competition.  This page contains basic information about our PSIA program here at SHCS. For additional information on the PSIA program, please click on the PSIA image to the right.  Sign-up information and handouts from the Coordinator, Mrs. Irvin, can be found on the right-hand side of this webpage.

All parents of students participating in District or State competitions are required to volunteer some hours of time to help run the event. Please do not sign up your children if they cannot attend the District Competition on 3/3/18, or if a parent would not be available to volunteer. Thank you!

Grades      Event          Coach(es)                              


  Gr 1-3      Storytelling                   Mrs. Pajestka                            

  Gr 3-8      Mathematics                Mrs. Lacayo, Mrs. Griffin    

  Gr 4-8      Poetry Interpretation    Mrs. Phillips                          

  Gr 4-8      Dictionary Skills           Mrs. Cervenka                         

  Gr 5-8      Ready Writing              Mrs. Butler                         

  Gr 6-8      On-site Drawing           Mrs. Schmude                        

  Gr 7-8      Number Sense            Coach Wes Knapek                

Most PSIA practice sessions will be held on Mondays after school until 4:30 p.m.  Other meeting times for particular events are explained on the Sign Up Handout, or will be directly communicated to the parents by each event coach.

Important Dates!

Saturday, March 3rd: District Competition (We are in District 6A which meets in Seguin and is hosted by Saint James Catholic School.)


Saturday, May 5th:  State Competition at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!
Mrs. Irvin at



PSIA 2016-2017 State Competition


Here are the PSIA State Results

from last year!!!

We had 9 students compete in one competition each. So out of 9 competitions there were 6 students who placed 1st through 10th. Out of these 6 students, 4 of them placed 1st through 6th place and brought home a medal.

Here are the results for all students who placed:

Nicholas Abadie - Mathematics 6th Grade Competition - 8th Place

Elizabeth Brunner - Dictionary Skills 4th-5th Grade Competition - 4th Place

Lily Cabello - On-site Drawing 7th Grade Competition - 5th Place

Erin Husband - On-site Drawing 8th Grade Competition - 6th Place

Michael Meeks - Science 8th Grade Competition - 1st Place

Audrey Villar - Dictionary Skills 4th-5th Grade Competition - 7th Place

Congratulations to each and every student who competed in today's PSIA State Competition! Each and every one of you is a winner for having made it to the state level, and you all did a great job - we are very proud of you!

If anyone would like to look at an official posting of the winners, just go to (link is on the right of this page) and click on the green button at the top labeled "PSIA 2017 State A Final Results." For objective contests, you can view the scores for the top 10 places as well as the names.
God bless,
Mrs. Marie Irvin


Go SHCS Lions!





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