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Art and Spanish

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Spanish Classes


Middle School -   

I'll be updating through Google Classroom!


*6th Grade  

 Lo siento, I'm sorry but I can't get the "Canela" movie for you guys to watch. It used to be free on several   platforms and Youtube... but no longer. Bummer.
***We will be working from the Spanish Scholastic magazine !Que tal! for now...
Please accept the Google Classroom invite to get started!

*7th/8th Grades

     Here's the link again for BBC's "Mi Vida Loca" series that goes with the packet I sent you. 


     *** Directions are in Google Classroom.***


Previous instructions:
* 8th- I've already assigned the first section of our new Auténtico Ch. 6B. Work through it in small chunks after you've watched the Chapter 6B objectives and the Vocabulario en Contexto. 



Intermediate Grades - 

For now, you'll be working on the worksheets I sent in the packet. You may use any resources you have including technology. Try to do as much on your own as possible. It will help YOU in the long run. I will be posting some links for you as well.


Primary Grades - 

I have sent work in the packets for all Primary grades that can be worked on until we return to campus. I will also be posting links here on the right side bar to songs and videos we have watched and know, along with new ones as well. I hope to record some books I'll read aloud as a link too! Missing all those sweet faces! Take care and see you soon!!


Art Classes



Mrs. Schmude's 
Distance Learning


Please refer to the folder that was included in your child's school items.