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Art and Spanish

The goals in Spanish class for Primary and Intermediate students at SHCS is to expose them to Spanish as a World Language through age-appropriate thematic units across the year. They learn vocabulary, listen to stories, sing, learn about different cultures, and create projects at their appropriate level. Primary students are taught for 40 minutes each week divided across two days and Intermediate students are taught once per week for a 40 minute class period.  6th Grade meets twice per week for 40 minutes each continuing to build on previous years with more emphasis on grammar.  Middle School 7th and 8th Grades meet three times per week for Spanish and use the Auténtico textbook series. The program exposes students to the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge Skills) for Languages other than English. The Interpersonal, Interpretive and Presentational modes of communication are used throughout the program. Our text series primarily covers present-tense verbs and their conjugations, thematic vocabulary and cultural lessons as well. They hear many different voices from the digital resources, the teacher and heritage speakers alike, as well as create a variety of projects to support the themes and vocabulary.


Our Middle School Spanish program is a great opportunity for students to get a head start on high school Spanish but not to replace it.