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First Grade

Hello First Grade Families!

~Ms. Williamson~



Please return all library books to the return book shelf by Monday morning.

Please pack a daily non-messy snack in an easily accessible place (preferably other than inside their lunchbox).

If you would like to have your child bring a birthday treat on their birthday, please let me know. I can pass it out at snack time. Please, no cupcakes. Non-iced cookies, brownies, donuts and Rice Krispie treats are all good options. Also, please include napkins.

Please bring a water-filled plastic water bottle each day.

Uniform Schedule:

Monday: Informal

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Informal

Thursday: PE

Friday: Formal (includes black dress shoes)


This Week's Topic in Math:

[Comparing Numbers]
- Unit 1: Module 2 -

** Click Icon Below for Video Help with Math Work**



God Bless!

Ms. Williamson