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~ A Word from Mrs. Martin ~


Learning Goals:   God created the world and can work miracles. Jesus performed miracles so people would know He was God. Jesus performed many kinds of miracles. All of Jesus' miracles showed God's love.

Vocabulary:  miracle and creation


identify parts of a book; identify uppercase and lowercase Bb; identify /b/; associate picture names with /b/; associate Bb with /b/; understand the meanings of club, bride, and groom; discuss bakery items; listen for details in a song;  compare B and b; associate picture names with /b/; associate Bb with /b/; blend sounds to decode words; form Bb; use correct spacing and punctuation in sentences; follow oral directions; discuss asking for help; blend sounds to decode words; understand the meaning of stuff; read memory word of; spell memory word of; form plurals with -s endings; understand how to form contractions let's; recognize an apostrophe;


whole class listen/sing alphabet song; Students work independently on the IPAD


Trace and write Zz, 19, 20 and add s or es to make words plural;


Show difference within 10; Solve subtraction word problems and complete the subtraction sentence;

Social Studies: 

Students will be introduced to maps, why we use maps, and the map tools that help us read maps. Students will also be introduced to both physical and political maps.


Recognize that water is found in lakes, rivers, ponds and oceans; understand that rivers contain fresh water and oceans contain salt water; describe the physical properties of water, including clarity and color;






Library books due on Tuesdays
Resting towels will come home on Fridays for washing
Please return on next school-day




2022-2023 Supply List


NOTE: Plastic Water Bottles Only