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~ A Word from Mrs. Martin ~


Learning Goals Jesus was found in the Temple of Jerusalem. Jesus was obedient to His mother and father. The Virgin Mary gave the Rosary prayer to St. Dominic.


Identify the title of a story; track print from left to right, top to bottom; discuss fishing; identify rebuses; use prior knowledge; answer question about a story; compare and contrast; read with natural phrasing; recognize periods and question marks; distinguish between types of sentences; understand use of speech balloons; identify /f/ in different positions; associate f and ff with /f/; blend sounds to decode words; identify rebuses; read memory word I; associate pictures with sentences; determine important ideas;  match uppercase and lowercase letters; blend sounds to decode words; associate letters with initial sounds; follow oral directions;


The whole class listens/ sings an alphabet song; students work independently on the IPAD


Trace and print uppercase and lowercase Tt and numbers 15-18


 Solving problems; using a picture; show addition as joining; solve addition word problems and complete the addition sentence; model and write addition sentences for sums up to 5

Social Studies: 

Students will examine various national patriotic holidays and how they connect to important people and events in American history. They will learn about and be able to identify customs associated with these holidays.


Observe and describe the ways things can move; observe and describe movements as fast or slow.








Library books due on Tuesdays
Resting towels will come home on Fridays for washing
Please return on the next school-day








2023-2024 Supply List



Plastic Water Bottles Only