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~ A Word from Mrs. Martin ~


Learning Goals: Jesus was born on Christmas; When He was born, the angels sang, "Gloria in excelsis Deo!" (Glory to God in the highest!); Three wise men came to worship Him; The tradition of the Nativity scene, or creche, was stated b St. Francis of Assisi; 

Vocabulary:   Gloria in Excelsis Deo and Creche



Recognize that words are made up of letters; identify uppercase and lowercase Tt; identify initial /t/; associate Tt with /t/; discuss musical instruments; understand meanings of trampoline; tangerine, tap shoes, and tugging; listen for details in a song; compare I and T; compare T and t; identify initial sounds; encode letters for initial sounds; form Tt; follow oral directions;  understand key vocabulary; use prior knowledge; understand picture-text relationships; ask and answer questions about the text; connect ideas; identify the main topic and retell details; listen to and discuss a multimedia text; identify initial and final /t/; associate t with initial and final /t/; associate o with medial /o/, a with medial /a/, and i with medial /i/; draw conclusions from pictures; encode words; understand that the same word is always spelled with the same letters; visually discriminate between words; identify initial, medial and final sounds; how to interview someone;  identify the title of a story; recognize uppercase letters at the beginning of sentences and periods; track print from left to right, top to bottom; blend sounds to decode words; discuss playing tag; use prior knowledge; answer questions about a story; monitor comprehension and use fix-up tip: look at the pictures; draw conclusions; recognize patterns in text; observe punctuation;


 Match initial sounds; recognize initial /kw/; identify picture names that begin with /kw/; recognize that Qu and qu stand for  /kw/; print Qu and qu;  identify and isolate initial sounds; recognize initial /v/; identify picture names that begin with /v/; recognize that Vv stands for /v/; print V and v;  segment onsets and rimes; recognize initial /y/; identify picture names that begin with /y/; recognize that Yy stands for /y/; print Y and y; recognize initial /z/; identify picture names that begin with /z/; recognize that Zz stands for /z/; print Z and z;  match final sounds; recognize final /ks/; identify picture names that end with /ks/; recognize that final x stands for /ks/; print X and x;


 Trace and write uppercase and lowercase Rr and Ss


 Decomposing numbers up to 5; Compose and decompose numbers up to 5 using the strategy make a model; Composing numbers 6 – 8; how to put together numbers to make 6 – 8; 

Vocabulary: minus

Social Studies: 

Students will identify basic land-forms, bodies of water and cardinal directions. They will explain that maps and globes help locate places.


Observe and describe rocks; compare and sort rocks; give examples of ways rocks are useful;







Library books due on Tuesdays
Resting towels will come home on Fridays for washing
Please return on next school-day