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~ A Word from Mrs. Martin ~


Learning Goals: God still loved people after the Fall; He sent His Son to take away our sins; Jesus cleanses us of Original Sin in Baptism; Baptism forgives all sins; Baptism makes us God's children; God loves all people, including the unbaptized; Since God loves everyone, and since Baptism makes us His children, He wants everyone to be baptized; 

Vocabulary: Baptism


  Recognize that words are made up of letters; identify uppercase and lowercase Ss; identify initial and final /s/; associate picture names with initial and final /s/; associate Ss with /s/;  discuss sports and games; draw conclusions from pictures; understand nouns and verbs; listen for details in a song; discuss good sportsmanship; Compare S and s; associate Ss with /s/; encode s for /s/; form Ss; follow oral directions; identify the title of a story; track print and illustrations from left to right and top to bottom; blend sounds to decode words; discuss punching bag and gloves; use prior knowledge; answer questions about a story; associate pictures with words; draw conclusions; recognize plot: problem and solution; blend sounds for letter pairs; 


  Review initial n, g, w; identify the number and order of sounds; match final sounds; recognize final /n/ and /g/; identify picture names that end with the sounds of /n and /g/;  segment initial phonemes in high-frequency words; recognize and read high-frequency words; print high-frequency words to complete sentences; demonstrate sound-letter correspondence for initial l, d, c, n, g, w; 


 Trace and write lm Mm, nine and ten


Count and write 13 and 14 with words and numbers; Write 15 and use objects to 15 as tens and some more; Draw a picture to find a number that is one more or one less; model and count 16 and 17

Social Studies: 

Students will understand how to use and create a timeline using words and phrases related to time


Recognize the sun as Earth's source of heat; recognize that sound, light, and heat are kinds of energy



Library books due on Tuesdays
Resting towels will come home on Fridays for washing
Please return on next school-day