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~ A Word from Mrs. Martin ~


Learning Goals:  There are three important ways to grow closer to God during Lent.  They are 1. Prayer, 2. Sacrifice and 3. Service.


 Identify uppercase and lowercase Nn; understand position words on and in; read memory word no; answer questions about pictures; encode on and in; spell memory word no; form Nn and question marks; use correct spacing and punctuation in sentences; identify the title of a story; understand use of speech and thought balloons; read memory word no; understand the meaning of boos; understand idioms; use prior knowledge; answer questions about a story; monitor comprehension and use fix-up tip: Look at eh pictures; compare and contrast; read with expression;  visually discriminate between words; blend sounds to decode words; read memory word Supernoodle; understand the meaning of Supernoodle; associate pictures with words and sentences; follow oral directions;


 Demonstrate sound-letter correspondences for th short vowels a, e, i, o, u; print short vowels to complete CVC words;  listen and respond to a story; identify short vowels; recognize the singular and plural forms of frequently used words;  build vocabulary; produce rhyming words; identify long vowels a, i, o, u, and e; match medial sounds in CVCe words; make new words by deleting initial phonemes in CVCe words; recognize long /a/; recognize that a_e stand for long /a/; spell CVCe words with long /a/ a_e;  identify and isolate medial sounds in CVCe words; segment and blend phonemes in CVCe words; recognize long /i/; recognize that i_e stands for long /i/; spell CVCe words with long /i/ i_e;


 Writing sentences using words learned with Superkids


 Count to 100 by tens on a hundred chart; Solve problems using logical reasoning; 

Social Studies: 

Students will learn about some ways people of different cultures and countries celebrate holidays.


Classify things as living and nonliving; describe characteristics of living and nonliving things; sort living and nonliving things 



Library books due on Tuesdays
Resting towels will come home on Fridays for washing
Please return on next school-day