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~ A Word from Mrs. Martin ~


Learning Goals:   Joseph and Mary Dedicated their Baby to God; Jesus was obedient to His mother and father


 Identify the title of a story; recognize uppercase letters at the beginning of sentences and periods; track print from left to right, top to bottom; blend sounds to decode words; discuss playing tag; use prior knowledge; answer questions about a story; monitor comprehension and use fix-up tip: look at the pictures; draw conclusions; recognize patterns in text; observe punctuation; identify initial and final /t/; blend sounds to decode words; encode words; follow oral directions; identify initial /f/; identify uppercase and lowercase Ff; associate picture names with initial /f/; discuss fishing equipment; understand meanings of dock, pier, bait; listen for details in a song;


  Match final sounds; recognize final /ks/; identify picture names that end with /ks/; recognize that final x stands for /ks/; print X and x;  recognize and read high-frequency words; print high-frequency words to complete sentences; demonstrate sound-letter correspondences for initial p, r, k, j, q(u), v, y, z; print p, r, k, j, q(u), v, y, z;


 Trace and print Tt and 15-18


Compose 8; how to put together numbers to make 8 – 10; decompose 6 and 7;  how do you take away numbers from 6 to 9

Social Studies: 

Read Thanksgiving stories;


Observe and describe rocks; compare and sort rocks; give examples of ways rocks are useful;




Library books due on Tuesdays
Resting towels will come home on Fridays for washing
Please return on next school-day