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~ A Word from Mrs. Martin ~


Learning Goals: Jesus performed miracles, his first miracle was at the  marriage at Cana; Jesus is in every marriage; marriage makes a man and a woman a husband and wife; a husband and wife are a family;  


 Visually discriminate between sentences; identify rhyming words; blend sounds to decode words; associate pictures wit sentences; follow oral directions; understand meanings of sharing and solution; discuss action figures; use prior knowledge; answer questions about a story; generate questions to make predictions; recognize plot: problem and solution; speak as a story character; discuss sharing;  identify uppercase and lowercase Uu; recognize initial /u/; associate Uu with /u/; understand position words; observe punctuation; read expression; listen for details in a song; understand the terms vowel and consonant; encode u for /u/ and other letter-sounds; form Uu; f


  Identify and isolate /o/; recognize that o stands for /o/; print o; distinguish between vowels and consonants; blend phonemes in CVC words; blend CVC words with short o; substitute phonemes in CVC words; distinguish between vowels and consonants;  read decodable text; read short o words and high-frequency words in context; read a story independently; make predictions;  recognize and read CVC words with short o; use words with short vowel o in writing;


  Trace and write the numerals 19 and 20;  add s or es to make words plural;  draw a picture of your favorite Bible story;


How to show one more and one less; show and write addition sentences for sums to 10; 

Social Studies: 

Students will learn about different types of weather and some effects it has on people and the environment.


Identity and demonstrate the use of a thermometer and a windsock; use common tools to measure weather; use tools to observe and identify weather changes from day to day;



Library books due on Tuesdays
Resting towels will come home on Fridays for washing
Please return on next school-day