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6th Grade - Multiplying & Dividing Decimals
7th Grade - Similar Shapes & Proportions

Pre-Algebra - Writing Linear Equations
Algebra I - Functions



EQ ~ that's what I love about Math class!!
Students often ask -- why do we write and answer the Essential Question (EQ) for each lesson?  Here's why:


"When students explain ideas to someone else, they learn even more....Students who produce conceptual explanations perform better on measures of conceptual understanding....When students are asked to explain, they spend more time on each problem and have opportunities to revise their thinking....Producing explanations may help students develop the kinds of thinking and communication required to write proofs in future mathematics classes. (NCTM "Co-Constructing Written Explanations", September, 2017)



My favorite quotes:


There is no glory in practice. But without the right practice there is no glory either.
~ Unknown


The most important yardstick of your success will be how you treat other people.
~ Barbara Bush


"When you work hard, pay attention to the details of your work, and do a good job,
you grow in a number of virtues, including patience, diligence, perserverance, and integrity. 
Every time you grow in virtue, you become a-better-version-of-yourself."
~ Matthew Kelly
"Solving a problem means finding a way out of difficulty, a way around an obstacle,
attaining an aim which was not immediately attainable."
~ George Pólya, Mathematician
What is Algebra?
"Algebra is simply a language for exploring and explaining mathematical patterns."
~ David Bressoud, 2012
Why Homework?
"Each and every student can learn more mathematics in the same way that an athlete improves his or her running time or a musician masters the technique required to play a piece of music—by receiving appropriate and effective instruction in a supportive environment, by responding to feedback, and by expending effort—trying again and again, while using different strategies—in short, by engaging in meaningful practice." 
~ Matt Larson, NCTM President (November 15, 2016)


8th Graders Service Project:  Raising and lowering the flags (including folding at 90 degree angles)
8th Graders Service Project:  Raising and lowering the flags (including folding at 90 degree angles)