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3rd-5th Grade Math


Mrs. Rita Griffin


Math in 3rd Grade:

We will begin working with whole number place value. We will practice problem solving with numbers through the thousands, ten thousands and hundred thousands. We will be practicing how to read, write, compare and order numbers. After working with place value we will focus on addition and subtraction of whole numbers. We will practice estimating sums and differences and learn various strategies to help us understand and solve word problems.

Math in 4th Grade:

We will begin with whole number place value. We will work with recognizing place value of whole numbers and finding patterns. We will also practice reading and writing numbers, compare and order numbers and then practice rounding numbers. After working with whole number place value we will move on to decimal place value. We will model tenths and hundredths and practice relating tenths and hundredths as decimals. We will also practice comparing and ordering decimals.


Math in 5th Grade: 

We will begin with place value and decimals. We will review the properties of addition and multiplication and then move on to understanding and utilizing the place value of decimals. We will also compare and order decimals, round decimals, and then estimate decimal sums and differences as well as add and subtract decimals through the thousands. After working with place value and decimals we will review and explore multiplying whole numbers by 1 and 2-digit numbers as well as dividing by 1 and 2-digit divisors.