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Second Grade


November Reflection Questions

November 12, 2022
By Sr. Pio Maria

Chapter 2: God's Powerful Blessings - How the Sacraments Restore Us to Wholeness

  • How have you experienced the power of words, especially of blessing, in your own life? Can you still remember words said to you when you were younger? How did they impact you?
  • How can I bless others with my words? 
  • What words do I most desire to hear from Jesus? How can I create space in my life for Him to speak His words to me?

Questions from p.32

  • Count your blessings! How has the Father blessed you through creation and through his sacraments? Identify a few specific ways.
  • Explain how Jesus' words create new realities. How is this power passed on through the sacraments of the Church?
  • Which of the seven deadly wounds are you most aware of in your life? Which of the identity lies listed in the table on page 26 has the strongest hold on your life?
  • As you review the table on page 30, which of the new identities in Christ are most visible in your life? What sacraments are associated with those identities?

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