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Second Grade

Be Transformed Book Study

May Reflection Questions

May 14, 2023

Ch. 9: Raised to Life: How the Anointing of the Sick Heals Wounds of Hopelessness


  1. Is Jesus' resurrection real and important in your daily life? How does this reality help you overcome hopelessness and fear of death? 
  2. Have you had any personal experience with the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick? If so, how did it provide hope and healing for you and/or your loved ones? 


  1. Do you believe that Jesus' command “to cure the sick, raise the dead, … cast out demons” is meant for you? Explain. 
  2. What are your reactions to the stories of the saints who raised the dead? Do these stories inspire faith or doubt in your heart? Explain.
  3. What does the Church teach about how the Anointing of the Sick heals wounds of hopelessness? How has the sacrament given you hope? 

Interested in reading more about what the Church teaches on Anointing of the Sick? Read here: CCC 1499-1532



  1. Go through the book and write down the title of each chapter. Name the deadly wounds and life-giving sacraments discussed in those chapters. What do these titles tell you about HIM, including your healing, identity, and mission in Christ? 
  2. Which “Take a Moment” reflection questions, scripture meditations, and prayer activities had the biggest impact on the way you understand God, yourself, and your mission? 
  3. How has your understanding of the sacraments changed? How has this impacted your relationship with Jesus? Be specific.

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