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Mission, Philosophy, Goals

*St. Helen Catholic School Mission Statement*


     St. Helen Catholic School is committed to educating the whole person to see with Christ’s eyes.

*St. Helen Catholic School Philosophy*


     St. Helen Catholic School is dedicated to serving the diverse community of Georgetown and the Diocese of Austin. It is our goal to nurture the whole child with a program of academic excellence in a Catholic environment. We believe that parents and guardians are the primary educators of their children and that it is the responsibility of the Catholic Community of Saint Helen to assist in this endeavor. The family, the school, and the parish community work together modeling, mentoring, and instructing our children to develop into compassionate, intelligent, and responsible citizens.




*Spiritual Goals
To foster a commitment to know, love, and serve God and one another

     By learning Catholic tradition and teachings
     By incorporating the message of Jesus in all aspects of life
     By developing a strong moral and social consciousness
     By worshiping together as a faith community
     By engaging in multi-faceted community projects


*Intellectual Goals
To encourage each child to attain his or her fullest potential

     By developing their minds and talents
     By becoming lifelong independent learners
     By developing problem-solving, team-building, and decision-making skills
     By mastering academic subjects
     By acquiring study skills which promote self-discipline and time management


*Social Goal
To guide students to become conscientious, successful members of a global community

     By recognizing each person's God-given uniqueness and talents
     By respecting all of God's creations
     By valuing the sanctity of all life from conception to natural death
     By communicating effectively and respectfully
     By being aware of their responsibility to God, society, earth and self


*Emotional Goal
To nurture respect, and celebrate each child's individuality

     By appreciating their own self-worth
     By growing in self-reliance
     By being resilient and flexible
     By accepting responsibility for their actions and the consequences of those actions


*Physical Goal
To promote a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle

     By respecting their bodies as temples of the Lord
     By practicing good nutrition and proper hygiene
     By participating in a wide range of physical activities, both structured and unstructured, to the extent of his or her abilities

Strategic Plan

Click on image above to read our Strategic Plan.