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School Advisory Board


The St. Helen Catholic School Advisory Board draws on the experience and talents of its members to serve as a resource for the principal and pastor. The members, both St. Helen parents and parishioners serve staggered three-year terms. Committees are maintained within the Board to assist with Catholic Mission, Finance, and Nominations. 


Meeting Schedule:
     August 7, 2024 - Planning
     September 11, 2024 - School Advisory Board
     October 9, 2024 - Committees - Goal Setting
     November 6, 2024 - SAB
     December 11, 2024 - Committees
     January 15, 2025 - SAB
     February 12, 2025 - Committees
     March 12, 2025 - SAB
     April 60, 2025 - Committees
     May 28, 2025 - SAB - Goodbyes & Welcomes


Advisory Board Members

*Tina Spanhak
  Board Chair
*Judy Avent
*Kathleen Brunner
*Katie deBeer
  Catholic Mission Co-     Chair
*Tara Erickson
*Amy Janik
  Catholic Mission Co-     Chair
*Stephen Mendoza
*Brenda Reynolds
*Cynthia Pela (PTO President)
*Mary Kay Sims
Ex Officio, Principal of
St. Helen Catholic School
*Fr. Hai Nguyen
Ex Officio, Pastor of
St. Helen Catholic Church

*Misty Poe
Ex Officio, Superintendent of Schools, Diocese of Austin