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What is a Makerspace Program?
Our Makerspace Program here at SHCS is a scheduled time for students in PreK through 6th Grade to experience and develop the problem solving skills of communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. The goal of our Makerspace Program is to foster the development of problem solving  and engineering design plan skills in our students. The skills are presented through both individual and collaborative hands-on and technology activities which require intuitive and/or computational thinking. The activities span a wide spectrum of experiences such as project challenges, computer coding, open-ended design, and puzzle solving. We also focus on using all of our God-given resources responsibly. While participating in these activities, students learn how to follow planning steps to reach the desired project or goal. The planning steps follow a typical engineering design plan and include: getting information, thinking about possibilities, planning on paper, trying out one's idea, evaluating the results, revising as needed, and sharing what has been accomplished. As the makerspace teacher, it is so satisfying to watch the excitement of students as they experience the thrill of trying out a new skill or challenge and succeeding! The Makerspace problem solving and planning process skills enable students to succeed in academic endeavors, in their  personal lives, and later on in the employment world. I feel so privileged to have the chance to teach this program at SHCS! 

Please feel free to get in touch with me at any time about the Makerspace Program.
Mrs. Marie Irvin, Makerspace Teacher, 

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Mrs. Irvin 



On the sidebar of this page there are links to photos of makerspace activities for various grades, and below there are links from the 2022 Summer Coding Camp. As always, students should only use online links with parent/teacher permission and supervision.



Coding Camp 1 & 2 Activities

Summer 2022

Here are the links for online sites and activities which can be accessed from home during the summer - or during the school year. Enjoy!!!

Keyboarding Activities


             1. Typing Club (login required) 

             2. Keyman                                         

             3. Free Typing Lessons                   

             4. Desert Typing Racer                   

             5. Meteor Typing Blast                   

             6. Save the Sailboat Race  

             7. Spacebar Invaders 

             8. Keyboard Revolution 

             9. Frogs Off Their Diet 

            10. Room Escape

            11. Key Bricks

            12. Key Tower



Links to the Shared Creations


Coding Camp 2022