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Enrollment Applications are done online.  Enrollment for new students entering 4K through 7th Grade is open from February through August of the enrolling year. Please call the School Office at 512-868-0744 for more information.

For Inquiries only, click here.

A child must be baptized in the Catholic faith to receive the Catholic tuition rate - see Fee Structure to the right.

Age Restrictions
PreK prospective students must be 4 by September 1 of enrolling year
Kindergarten prospective students must be 5 by September 1 of enrolling year
First Grade prospective students must be 6 by September 1 of enrolling year

Non-Discrimination Policy
St. Helen Catholic School will comply with all applicable state and federal laws on discrimination.
Tuition Assistance

To apply for tuition assistance new families must have already submitted an Online Application with all supporting documents as well as paid the Application Fee. Unsubmitted applications and/or applications missing required documents will not be considered for assistance.

The deadline to apply for tuition assistance for the 2017-2018 School Year is now closed.



2017-2018 Documents